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Default 2014 Arctic Cat M8000 Sno Pro Limited 162 Turbo with C3 Belt Drive.

This is Jason from Dakota Performance and we are selling several of our project sleds to make room. All of these sleds are our own projects that started out with a specific goal while keeping the sled driveable, reliable, and as easy to own as a stock sled. All of them have made multiple trips to the mountains and are completely dialed in. Our most important goal is to make sure that we can hand the tether to anyone on the mountain and they can simply pull the rope and ride. Just like buying any modified sled there are probably a lot of questions you'd like to ask and we would be more then happy to answer them. Just give us a call our send us an E-mail.

For this sled we wanted to see how much boost we could push while still running 91 octane pump gas. First, we installed an OVS Turbo Kit with a 3071 Comp oil free turbo and a liquid to air intercooler. The intercooler uses methanol that runs through custom built aluminum coolers in the tunnel which then cools the incoming boost charge using an aluminum liquid to air intercooler. This results in much colder and more consistent intake air temperatures (220 degrees F was not uncommon before, now 70 degrees F is the max). Colder air means less detonation which allows more boost. We are now running 13 PSI of boost at high elevation and 11.5 PSI at low elevation. All of this is controlled by a Vi Pec ECU that changes boost pressures, fuel, and ignition timing based on elevation, temperatures, and barometric pressure. The maps are completely dialed in and no tuning is required by the rider for changing conditions. We also installed C3's belt drive kit which reduces weight and driveline inertia. It also comes with stiffer engine mounts which keep the clutches aligned under high torque applications.
Other upgrades:
Cold Air Intake
OVS Wheelie Stops
Cut Secondary Clutch
Machined Head
This is a beautiful sled with low miles. It was built all at once by the Dakota Performance crew which means that the whole sled came apart and all of the modifications from various manufactures were installed at one time. Any interference that usually occurs from building a highly modified sled like this was addressed and remedied. Pictures don't do the quality of craftsmanship on this sled justice.

For pictures of this sled and other project sleds we're selling Google Dakota Performance Inc. (vbulletien won't let me post a link) I can also email you high res pictures on request. Asking price is $18,500.

Dakota Performance

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arctic cat, c3 belt drive, liquid to air intercooler, ovs, turbo

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