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Default Wrong leg!!! wrong side!!!!!!!!!!

Wrong leg!!! wrong side!!!!!!!!!!

I asked them to install a zip and now I have the chaps back I see its the right leg zipper!!!! see the above picture!!!!!!

I agree with everything listed except the right leg zipper is missing the zip and the right zipper is in great shape no cuts or issues.

I bet if I paid the $80 I still would not have a zip installed on the correct right leg!!!

Left has a bad tooth as listed but the zippers work just fine.

claim letter below

Hello Ian,

In regards to your Togwotee Bibs we have evaluated them under warranty. The left leg zipper has been cut and caused the teeth to move and that is probably why the zipper slider came off. The whole zipper would need to be replaced. The back of the left leg has a cut in it where the zipper got cut. The right knee has tears on it. The right hem has tears. The left leg has a panel under the knee with a cut in it. The left hem has cuts on it.
To repair the bib would cost over 2/3 the price of a new bib. The damage is not manufacturing or material defects so the bib is not covered under warranty. The lifetime of the bib is up. Because of the amount of damage we cannot test the bib for leakage.

We do apologize about this. Are you wanting us to do any repairs on these Bibs or would you like them sent back as is?

Please let us know. Thank you.

Picture of left leg with damage with lower zip installed.

Right side is good but its missing the lower zip!
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