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The fed ex package arrived!!!!


Like so many customers, the excitement built as I greeted the FedEx person at my door. In her hands she had a large KLIM envelope with my chaps.

Perhaps after all this KLIM stuck a lower zip on my bibs, or threw a zip in the package. Boy would I feel stupid, when they took care of me by installing a zip!

Bullet dodged! they did nothing for me, the chaps still do not have a zip on the bottom to keep the chaps from becoming bibs.

Well not nothing they stuck a "Tram Bar" in the package. Maybe its to help with the "bad taste" I have from this experience?

Good news is, the zipper looks fine.

I was stuck and Motorfist stopped and helped me get unstuck!

Now I wait with baited excitement for my Motorfist package. They offered some zips so I could fix my KLIM chaps.

Motorfist uses the same zipper system so they offered a zip to keep me safe. Passion for the customer!

Soon my bibs will be restored thanks to the service and support from a
'pro snowmobiler" company.
AC M1000
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