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Default Dual use Smoker

After having a Camp Chef Smoke Vault for 5-6 yrs now and love everything that comes out of it it is time to try cold smoking. Instead of buying another smoker I got a Bradley smoke generator and decided to adapt it to the Smoke Vault.

Well Bradley sells a cold smoke adapter but I just like to tinker with shit and built my own setup. Searched the interwebs for a while and came up with this setup....

The table I had sitting in the garage and fit the smoker perfect. So paint it up and make it look pretty. Then off to the local hardware store for some 4" dryer duct and a mailbox. Got the mailbox all trimmed out and adapted to the generator fine and dandy. Trimmed out the Smoke Vault to hook up the 4" chimney elbow. Fired up the generator thinking this was the way to go...... well that failed. For some reason the smoke wouldn't draw up the ducting at all. I put an inline duct fan in and it moved the smoke but was just too fast of speed and was unable to slow it down due to it being an old brushless motor. So back to work I go......

Re-positioned the smoker and generator, and put the outlet on the mailbox on the top of it instead of in the door sideways. This allows the smoke to just pour directly into the Smoke Vault!!!!! Should have done this from the beginning.

The idea of the mailbox is to help dissipate any heat the generator creates. It does make some but not much. But cold smoking is just that.... cold. It works great!!!! The box is warm to the touch but the elbow and duct are cold. Plus the box holds an old bread pan filled with water to catch the ashes and unburned pcs of the smoker pucks.

Did some Cheddar, Colby/Jack, Sharp Cheddar, and some Mexican a week ago and letting it sit in the vac bags for couple weeks to let the smoke settle a bit. Was told it would be way too strong to eat direct from the smoker. So.... hurry up and wait right.......5hrs smoking and it didn't get over 52ºf.

Can't wait to do salmon and more cheeses in the future. Also jerky should be much better since I won't be "cooking" it while smoking. The way I built the elbow to fit the smoker made it easy to make a swing door to plug the hole off and go back to the normal propane smoker with no tools or special seals and such.

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