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there are some rally good ideas here, the one time i tried starting a fire was a lesson in humility. I went up to rescue a sled (snowhawk) that had blown its motor, we couldn't drag it out so we went up to rebuild the motor there..

well a few hours for 25-30 degrees standing around a downed sled and a 10 mph breeze ya kind a get on the frigid side. So i decided to make a quick fire, I soaked some twigs in gasoline and they would light but that was about it they were dry and wouldn't even burn there just wasn't enough heat to start the wood on fire, eventually I got out the siphon tube I carry and I would fill that like a straw and release it on the "fire" took me an hour to get it to self sustain. I was at about 9000 ft.

so I plan on using lots of fuel and a can sounds like a really good idea. I am thing of a pet food can with a plastic seal type lid. with fire "stuff" inside, matches, flint, dryer lint and Vaseline, fire goo, etc...anything that is used to make a fire..


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