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It IS time we (WSSA) make a final decision on what we are endorsing so we can start to garner support. Nick does have a point even though he may be berating WSSA in the process of bringing it to our attention. He does have a vested interest as he is one of the contracted groomers on I-90 for the winter program and I believe he is letting too much of that emotion into the conversation. NOW is time for an increase and it must happen in the next legislative session without fail. WSSA has voted in favor of a registration increase & We cannot keep solely chasing pennies on the dollar with the Fuel Tax increase, not saying we should give up on it but lets face it, it will not even come close to closing the gap in funding we need to keep the program alive. The motorized group does not have the ability to simply enact a fee increase, it MUST happen through the State Legislature and we will be rallying hard to get the legislation pushed through to insure the program is sustainable for years to come.

WSSA voted for (and has not backed off, nor recinded) the $40.00 registration increase at the last budget meeting. We are re-evaluating the actual dollar amount & I can assure you it is not on the back burner and is still very much the top issue facing us today. Our next official meeting is in August and this issue will be discussed and a final plan put in place to seek the change to the legislation in the next session. Details regarding that meeting can be found on WSSA Website and you are welcome to send the board members your thoughts/comments/concerns, we are listening...

Have a great weekend, still some fantastic spring riding out there~

Casey Kuhlman
WSSA Membership Secretary
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