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TROUT HUNTER 01-19-2017 01:33 PM

KLIM F4 Helmet
Just got off of a 4 day trip with a bunch of Rebs and it was the first time running this helmet. Lightest helmet that I have ever ran. Usually after a few days of consecutive riding my neck starts to bother me. After 4 days it never bothered me once. Everytime some one would pick it up after a stuck or what not they would comment about how light it was.

Comfort, I was a little worried having never worn a Klim helmet how they would be for warmth and fit. It was great on both accounts. We rode some fairly cold temps, double digits negative, and never got cold. On the flip side when working up heat tree riding ect. my head never got sweaty either. Very comfortable lid.

End of the day I highly recommend it, price is a little steep but for what you get I think its worth every penny.

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