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REBEL 12-04-2012 08:27 PM

Well since the word on the street that Polaris fix is going to be a cap for each end of the drive shaft. I knew something needed to be done ASAP, to make sure this sled isn't "waiting" on parts from polaris. As i'm unsure of the actual "cap" working well, especially under boost.

I found a brand new rush shaft, which I was told is the exact same dimensions as the Pro shaft. Went ahead and ordered avid extrovert drivers and anti stab kit for the suspension (as its needed to run extroverts).

I've always been a fan of extroverts any ways, seems like you can run the track a little bit looser and never have to worry about track racheting.

The other option that I just found out about today was a certain somebody on this forum will be making a hex style shaft for the 2013's. He just decided to do it today, so is still looking at all the possibilities out there, cost, labor intensive it will be. I will let him post more info when he gets it, but I know anything that comes out of their shop is TOP NOTCH. This project sled may get this setup to transplant the 12' shaft at a later date.

So when all of those parts show up. I will post lots of pics of the install :D

lostsoul 12-26-2012 08:29 AM

Thank you for the great build/post. Any updates on her? Thank you again for your time

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