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Dakota Performance 09-19-2014 11:23 AM

2013 Polaris Pro Ltd 163 W/ Dakota Performance Turbo and Vi Pec ECU
This is Jason from Dakota Performance and we are selling several of our project sleds to make room. All of these sleds are our own projects that started out with a specific goal while keeping the sled driveable, reliable, and as easy to own as a stock sled. All of them have made multiple trips to the mountains and are completely dialed in. Our most important goal is to make sure that we can hand the tether to anyone on the mountain and they can simply pull the rope and ride. Just like buying any modified sled there are probably a lot of questions you'd like to ask and we would be more then happy to answer them. Just give us a call our send us an E-mail.

Most of the sleds we work on are Arctic Cat but its hard to ignore the growing number of mountain riders that are choosing to ride the new Pro chassis from Polaris. There is no doubt that the Polaris has a light and agile sled but the lack of power always seemed to be a limiting factor. The goal for this sled was to retain all of the great characteristics of the Pro chassis while giving it the horsepower it deserves and still have a lightweight sled. We started with a throttle body on the intake side of a 2873 Garrett Turbo and a Vi Pec ECU. The throttle body in front of the turbo set-up has proven difficult to tune with previous fuel controllers but the Vi Pec standalone ECU gives us the control that we needed to make this sled rip. The ECU controls the boost level and at high elevation it runs 8.5 PSI of boost and then decreases boost as you come down to 6 PSI at low elevation. All of this happens with only 91 octane pump gas. You have to drive this sled to believe it. Imagine a stock Polaris Pro with all of its advantages but with over 200 horsepower and only 9 pounds of extra weight. For more information, or to see pictures of this sled and the other sleds we have for sale Google Dakota Performance Inc. Asking price is $15,500.

Dakota Performance

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