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m1kflyingtiger 03-10-2014 05:35 PM

2015 Viper MTX review
I got the opportunity to spend a few hours yesterday in Hatcher's Pass jumping back and forth from the new '15 Viper M-TX SE with dealer installed MPI turbo kit and my '13 Pro RMK.

My RMK is fairly well set up with Carl's cut skis, float 3's and a Skinz ARC system. I have spent a lot of time getting it dialed in for me, and I prefer tight technical riding and shorter steep climbs. I've been on a pro since it came out and had a turbo on my '11 for the last two seasons. I have spend a few rides on '12 cats, and put some seat time on the '13 as well. I was not very impressed with either, the latter being a improvement.

I got on the sled and took it kind of easy for the first few second as I was expecting the same experience as I had on the cats. I started with just carving around in some fluffy snow (about 10-16" on a good base) to get a feel for how it handled and how bad the diving was that I experienced on the pro-climbs. I figured with it being heavier it would be more pronounced...I was WAY off. After just a few seconds with no time spent on set up I was very comfortable on the sled and felt it was very predictable. I started taking some runs at a small hill to see how it did side-hilling and in a downhill turn. Again I was blown away, so I pushed it a bit harder. It did everything that I would consider doing on my pro, and with relative ease.

I did lose a sidehill line to the downhill side of the hill that I thought I shouldn't have, so I switched back to my pro to try and mirror everything I had just done. I found in the same situations (slow steep sidehills) the pro was in fact easier to maneuver. It didn't take any more or less effort to initiate a sidehill, but it was definitely easier to hold the line slowly on my pro. when I got to the point where I lost the one line...I washed out on my pro and ended up rolling the sled to get it unstuck. Apparently there was a hard patch just under the surface and I couldn't blame the viper for my lack of talent.

I got back on the Viper and did some bigger, steep climbs. Coming from a turbo pro to a pro and then to the viper I realized how much I missed power, and how noticeable torque is in deep snow. It felt similar to the pull my previous turbo pro had at about 8 psi at sealevel. On climbs where I was giving it all the pro had and was progressively slowing down towards the top the viper just kept pulling. This shouldn't be a surprise to those of you with time on a turbo 4 stroke, but coming from the 2 stroke I was pleasantly surprised.

I found a little bowl at the top of the climb and did some downhill carving. I found I had to commit a little more to whip it around, but not much, and a certain amount may have been mental commitment (loaner pre-production demo sled :confused:). It again didn't have the dive that I've experienced on the pro-climbs in the past (not sure if that's yamaha specific or if cat has since fixed it as well) and was an absolute blast laying it over and having the power to just shoot right back up as fast as it did. Once I decided to head back down the hill I did notice on little bumps while heading down steep hard-pack it liked to nose down a bit. I quickly learned that just a little throttle as you hit the bump solved this, but it caught me off guard at first.

The rest of the day continued in the same fashion switching back and forth for a few good hours and comparing them in all types of situations.

All in all I was very happy with the new Viper and can honestly say I like it AS MUCH as my pro. The pro more so in the tight, slow, technical riding, and the viper in everything else. It was still noticeably heavier, but that was expected jumping from the lightest sled on the market (515 RTR) to the historic heavyweight champion that is now down to 614 RTR. The surprising part is I would have guessed probably a 50 lbs weight difference, not 100, and the power more than made up for the weight. I think that with some lightweight goodies (ie hood, battery, exhaust, front end) it would be on top of the mountain segment.

It is a much more capable sled than its predecessor and a contender in the steep and deep. If you are looking at a new sled for 2015 DO NOT discount Yamaha, and If you get the option, take one for a ride before you snowcheck something else. You will be suprised.

I need to thank Drew at Anchorage Yamaha for the opportunity to go on a real demo ride to put the sled through its paces and get an accurate feel for it in the conditions that we actually ride in. This is something above and beyond that I haven't gotten to experience at any other dealer.

...also it was only running 5-6 psi of boost, so LOTS of room for more. :D

Ollie 03-10-2014 06:52 PM

I tried the Turbo Nytro and couldn't get off it quick enough.
It sucked big time.
I haven't gotten to ride the new MTX but you can bet I will.
I am tired of the 2 strokes and having the issues that you have with all 2 strokes.
that coupled with the cost, I want a sled that will last and be dependable for 4 or 5 years without having to rebuild the motor every 1-2k miles.
Currently ride a 13 pro and it has been great, BUT it is a bomb waiting to go, just like all 2 strokes.

Graveler 05-22-2014 08:57 AM

I'm not sure how you can like the yami when they weigh 100 pounds more than all of the other brands unless you're riding wide open country like that.... Getting those pigs unstuck requires quite a bit of effort and in some cases multiple people. The type of riding here in Washington that heavy sled wouldn't be much fun here no matter how you wrap it, gave it to me free and threw in a free onezie clown suit still I'd pass.

m1kflyingtiger 05-22-2014 09:17 AM

It's 100 lbs heavier than the lightest sled out there. Only 54 lbs heavier than the comparable doo and 45 lbs more than the comparable cat. There is almost as big of a differance in ready I ride weight between the pro and doo as there is between the doo and Yami. I've been stuck a lot, on a lot of sleds, and situation depending they could all sometimes take two people. I know that from a biased scared of change viewpoint it would be impossible to see it being a good sled. I've spent time on it, and until you've done the same remember that you just have an opinion based on your interpretation of others knowledge. Get out and ride it before you bash it. It really is a great sled, that if you ride it with an open mind, will blow your reservations away.

Graveler 05-23-2014 04:24 PM

Just a thought here but maybe you should stop riding a Pro and then you might get more than one to two thousand miles out of a two stroke

m1kflyingtiger 05-23-2014 04:47 PM

The only issues I've ever had with any of the three pro's I've had were turbo related. I turned up my oiler from day one and they have been solid, reliable, sleds, and the best handeling sleds I've ever been on.

This thread is not a the pro sucks, or everyone jump ship to Yami thread. It is an unbiased real world ride report of a new sled with direct comparison to what I currently ride and conclusions that I drew based on my experiences. If you have any questions about the ride that I didn't address in the initial report please let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. If your just here because there is no snow and you want to argue don't expect any more responses out of me to your posts.

Graveler 05-24-2014 08:55 AM

Why didn't they offer a 174 ?

Tricky Nick 06-10-2014 06:28 PM

Its funny how the people talking trash about the Viper MTX are the people who have never ridden one and keep compairing it to the old Nytro. Ive seen so many people that are vary brand loyal weather its polaris, AC or ski-doo at least throw a leg over it and all though not ready to jump ship at least come off the sled with a little better attitude about the sled and the direction Yamaha is trying to go.

I personaly thought it was a fun sled to ride, so much that i snow-checked one. Comming from my M7 i didnt really notice the extra weight and like stated above the gap in the ready to ride weight is slowly closing.

Tricky Nick 06-10-2014 06:31 PM

Not that this will change anyones minds but i thought this was pretty accurate

whiskey al 10-28-2014 08:31 AM

The new Yamaha is a sled you don't have to do a bunch of Mod's to, It's a right out of the box Turbo Mountain Machine, I rode 2 of them last year at Arctic Man, Ton's of Power, I own a M1100 Turbo with alot of Mod's & the Yamaha will out run it all day long, Nothing against my Cat, But as soon as I hit the throttle on the Yamaha!!!! I knew this will be the next sled I own, I think they will get along just fine sitting together in the trailer waiting on Snow!!!

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