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Twisted Boost 12-17-2015 04:05 PM

Thinking of making a apparel run
Thinking of making an apparel run for some hats and goods, Who would be interested ?? I will most likely just take pre orders and prepays,


I'll check back..

Grizzz 12-17-2015 04:59 PM

2 hats for me, tell me when to send $!

Mule 12-17-2015 05:28 PM

Tshirt's getting a little ratty... black plz :)

Mac-Daddy-Racing-212 01-16-2016 09:24 PM

Let me know what you're thinking of. I still have my beanie, could use a shirt.

Quinlan 01-16-2016 09:40 PM

Could use another hat here. :thumbsup

xc_rider08 01-17-2016 08:37 AM

hat, all black prefer Velcro adjustment for size fitting, and a t shirt

Sneak A Peak 01-26-2016 09:18 PM

Any coozies left. Hat would be sweet. L/xl flex fit. Should I pm you Chad

76FoMoCo 01-26-2016 10:17 PM

will take 4 shirts 2 L and 2 xl

montanasledhead 01-29-2016 09:27 AM

did you place order yet I could use a few things.

ducrider 04-28-2016 01:36 PM

ANY word on orders are you getting close?? need some coozies (4) and a flex fit hat would be great

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